Ariel Sea Princess Hairdresser

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  • Ariel Sea Princess Hairdresser


    Our gorgeous sea princess is about to step into the human world for one night and she needs your help to become a beautiful human princess ready to steal the spotlight at tonight’s ball. Will you help Ariel transform herself into the most beautiful young lady in town? Then feel free to join her in getting started with the Ariel Sea Princess Hairdresser game for girls started and begin by taking care of her gorgeous hair. Give it a professional wash with a delicate shampoo and a nourishing mask to untangle it and then have fun cutting it into a unique hairstyle. There are many tools available at your disposal in our new hair game for girls so make use of all of them and stop only when you are satisfied with the result. When you’re done, you can also experiment a new color for Ariel’s brand-new hairstyle.

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