Barbie Harry Potter Look

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  • Barbie Harry Potter Look


    Barbie is the biggest Harry Potter fan and she has been dreaming of attending Hogwarts ever since she discovered the books. In this brand new game called Barbie's Harry Potter Look, Barbie has discovered a way to get into the famous school and she is anxious to start studying there. Would you like to help her as she gets settled into her new school? Play this fantastic game and start by helping Barbie get assigned to a house. She will have to take a quiz that will reveal which house is the most appropriate for her so why don’t you help her answer the question? Once you get assigned to a certain house it is time to dress up in the appropriate uniform. You will have so many beautiful clothing items to choose from and beautiful accessories that will make the look one of a kind so we are sure you will have a blast dressing her up. Start with the makeup stage and apply lipstick, eyeshadow and blush and then dress her up in the cutest uniform. Now Barbie is ready to start living her dream.

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