Barbies BBQ Party

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  • Barbies BBQ Party


    Play this game to organize Barbies BBQ Party and help the cute couple prepare a special m,enu and docorate the table! It's been so long since Barbie had her friends visiting her and since the summer is here, Barbie announced Ken that she wants to organize a BBQ party in their back yard. This means that they have to get ready and make shopping, plan the menue and the drinks and sweets, then decorate the back yard and the table. You will have to help Barbie do all these things but first you have to create a special invitation and send it to Barbie's friends. Design the background, the frames and add cute stickers on the invitation before you send it. After you help Barbie decorate the table you also need to help her with the outfit. Pick a cute cocktail dress or a pair of watermelon print shorts and top and accessorize it.

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