Dove Magazine Dolly Dressup

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  • Dove Magazine Dolly Dressup


    Dove Magazine is looking for new models and it’s your job to dress them in this exciting new game called Dove Magazine Dolly Dressup! They hired you to be their fashion stylist, and you have to choose an outfit for this cute girl. She will be on the cover of the magazine and everyone will see her so be careful to dress her nice. You will have to choose between all kinds of outfits, starting with the top. Choose from three boxes and then pick the item of clothing you want. The next step is to choose a skirt that goes well with her top, and a handbag. You will also have to pick a hairstyle for her, pick a pair of shoes and some accessories. When you are done, she will appear on the cover of the Dove Magazine and everyone will see how beautiful you made her look. Complete the challenges at the end of the game and make the most beautiful outfits for the ma

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