Jessie’s Stylish Real Haircuts

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  • Jessie’s Stylish Real Haircuts


    In this fun game named Jessie's Stylish Real Haircuts you get to create a new fun hairstyle for Jessie! Be as creative as you want and use all the tools at your disposal to get the best of her hair. You can use a comb to put her hair locks into place, cut it with a pair of scissors, you can even shave it with a razor and use a special lotion to make it grow. You can also wash it, dry it, curl it or straighten it and then dye it lock by lock in any color you desire. You are not limited by any rules, just do what you think it's best. When you have the perfect haircut, you can apply a make-up that matches her new look and dress her up in a fabulous and chic outfit. Accessorize with a fun and colorful bracelet.

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