Sery Actress Dolly Makeup

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  • Sery Actress Dolly Makeup


    Sery needs a beautiful makeup for her show today and you can help her in this cute new game called Sery Actress Dolly Makeup! Sery is a beautiful model and she has a show today. She needs to look beautiful and have a perfect makeup. Everyone form the showbiz will be there and she wants to look gorgeous. You can help her by giving her the most beautiful makeup Start with her eyes, and give her a cute eye shadow and eyeliner. Continue with her eyebrows and eyelashes, and move on to the lipstick. Pick a beautiful color, something that goes well with the rest of the makeup. Choose a beautiful haircut for her and continue with some accessories. Pick the perfect dress, some face painting and you are done. Sery will look amazing at the show today and all thanks to you. Have a great time with Sery and a wonderful time playing this cute new game!

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